New And Novel Jewellery Designs In Today’s World

Weddings are in full swing as the year moves ahead with a sweet pace and a joyous spirit. Streets are lit, the atmosphere is heavy with anticipation and enthusiasm. The sounds in the air offer comfort and a familiar joy to the passers-by and that is how we know that we are not alone. There are thousands celebrating and enjoying each other’s company in wedding pandals and ceremonies.

In these ceremonies, one more thing that is palpable is the attire of the people. It is with sheer fascination that I watch people decked up in a variety of designs and what is more beautiful is the evolution of these designs with every passing year. A pearl necklace becomes a diamond choker this year, and the fabrics and materials only change with every six months.

In this array of change and evolution, the top jewellers in India also keep modifying their collection to suit the demands and the trends of the population. It is fascinating to observe the various elements that are brought together every year by jewellers who come up with the best wedding jewellery in Delhi and other metro cities. Hazoorilal Legacy is one just jewellery showroom. Time and again, they have proven that they can come up with designs unique only to them and no one else. Drawing from the historicity and cultural diversity of India, they blend different cultures and traditions into their jewellery.       

We have brought together some of the most exquisite pieces for you to feast your eyes upon!

1. Mihrab collection  

Mihrab collection

A magnificent representation of flowers and cypresses, the Mihrab collection is traditional yet adventurous in its designs. With motifs in the shape of moon, fish, lotus, leaf, etc, this collection is a tribute to the ancient architectural influences in our country. The colours are generally pastel, producing an interesting contradiction of heavy work and simple colours.    

This elegant choker is the perfect example of this design and encrusted with uncut diamonds, it is crafted with off-white enamel and pearls. It also exhibits chand-shaped motifs to add to its beauty.                          

2. Jadau Polki

Jadau Polki

Borrowing from the grand era of the Mughals in India, this range has unique craftsmanship made of kundan. A very interesting fusion of artisanship and modern design, it is becoming very popular because of its elaborate enamelling work and sophisticated designs. 

This one-of-a-kind head-gear, popularly known as maatha paasa and maang teeka, is delicately woven with old-cut flat diamonds, polki, and clusters of pearls. This Jadau kundan is composed in 22k yellow gold Jewellery

3. Pastel enamelling

Pastel enamelling

The best thing about this technique is that it is subtle as well as beautiful. With soft colours, it is the design and the craftsmanship that stands out.    

These bangles are studded with uncut diamonds and look extraordinary because of the pastel enamelling technique which is done using soft colours like pink, white, green and blue. The array of colour gives spirit and identity to the outfit, the jewellery piece and the person wearing as well.

 4. Men’s jewellery

Men's jewellery

What is more interesting now is how beautifully and openly men have started embracing fine jewellery, thus diminishing all forms of stereotypes. And what is better than a collection of unique men’s jewellery which celebrates the amalgamation of grace and sensibility. 

This head-gear for a man’s turban is just the piece to take your breath away. Typically worn by the bridegroom, it is adorned with precious emerald in the centre and old-cut flat diamonds, also known as polki, surrounding it. The kundan workmanship set in 24k yellow gold foil looks unique because of the emerald hangings.

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